MUNI Ultrasonic Smart Watch
MUNI Ultrasonic Smart Watch
MUNI Ultrasonic Smart Watch
MUNI Ultrasonic Smart Watch
MUNI Ultrasonic Smart Watch
MUNI Ultrasonic Smart Watch
MUNI Ultrasonic Smart Watch
MUNI Ultrasonic Smart Watch

MUNI Ultrasonic Smart Watch

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Azita Crowley shares his amazing result after using MUNI Ultrasonic Smart Watch!




"I suffer from severe arthritis and varicose veins, which caused me pain and discomfort, and I couldn't even sleep all night. My regular doctor recommended this ultrasound watch device. It works very well and is easy to use. I would wear it on my hands during the day and on my feet at night so that I could heal as soon as possible. After using it for 2 weeks, I saw a significant change. My varicose veins were gone and I had no pain from my arthritis. Some of the built up cellulite and swollen lymph nodes are gone too! My body is healthier and lighter than ever."

- Azita Crowley

“I have been dealing with my lymphatic disease for over a year now and it is really painful and very uncomfortable. The bloating on my body is brought about by the fluid retention that I have. I always feel stiff because of it and I move slowly most of the time. Then I stumbled upon this MUNI Ultrasonic Smart Watch over the internet and gave it a shot. I use the MUNI Ultrasonic Smart Watch daily and in just few weeks of consistently using it the pain has subsided and the bloating has greatly reduced. I have been consistently using this for two months now and I can say that it is really effective and now I can wear anything I want, really helpful to me who experience such poor blood circulation.”

 Chandler,Los Angeles


Achieve your body goal the healthiest way!

The MUNI Ultrasonic Smart Watch is the ideal tool for weight loss and body cleansing. It has been determined that ultrasonic therapy is highly efficient and can quickly assist to resolve inflammation and circulation obstructions. Making it revitalizing and comfortable for everyone.



What is UltraSonic?

This is a non-surgical method to remove toxins from the body and reduce localized fat. Through ultrasonic vibrations, pressure is applied to fat cells in the process, reactivating the cells and cleaning, activating and repairing damaged cellular tissues. Enhances the body's overall blood circulation and strengthens metabolism Due to the intense pressure, fat cells break down and turn into fluid. This can then be used by the body as waste to be excreted through urine.

Ultrasound: prevents lymphatic obstruction and eliminates varicose veins

Ultrasound acts on the body with ultrasound-enhanced micro-movements to promote the metabolism of the cells and tissues in the varicose veins, enhance the elasticity and vitality of the cells and tissues in the varicose veins, enhance the blood flow in the varicose veins, and remove water and precipitated waste from the cells and tissues in the varicose veins to achieve the treatment method for varicose veins.

Thus ultrasound is useful for improving blood circulation and relaxing the feet Other conditions can be relieved, such as muscle tension, foot fatigue, muscle tension, muscle spasm, neuropathy, chronic neuralgia and plantar fasciitis.

Ultrasonic: Burn fat and flush out toxins

Ultrasonic has the ability to enter the area of fat deposition via the skin and kill specific fat cells. Under the influence of ultrasonic vibrations, the fat cells are broken down and liquefied.

It can help you with your weight loss program, even if you don't exercise regularly and eat a healthy balanced diet, but still 80% of reflexology can get you to the weight you want to be.

How MUNI Ultrasonic Smart Watch works?

  • Utilizes sound waves at a frequency of 3 to 60 Hz to operate while totally protecting blood vessels, neurons, lymphatic vessels, fibrous tissue, etc.
  • Automatically move and shape, and the shaking is visible to the naked eye.

Benefits of using MUNI Ultrasonic Smart Watch

  • What Makes The MUNI Ultrasonic Smart Watch SPECIAL?

  • (only 30 minutes of wear per day)
  • BETTER BLOOD CIRCULATION - High-precision ultrasound stimulates muscles through your hands or feet, improving blood circulation and eliminating swelling. Effective in helping varicose veins and all leg problems as well as foot problems.

    Overall health benefits - Improves metabolism to aid weight loss, stimulates sweat production, reduces fatigue, helps with sleep and improves posture

    Promotes lymphatic drainage - fights blockages in the lymphatic system

    Reduces 80% of excess lymphatic fluid in 3 months

    Burns fat and removes excess weight - it has a fat burning effect and reduces fat, thus reducing the appearance of excess weight, resulting in softer, smoother and firmer skin.

    Suitable for both men and women

    Temperature sensitive - check body temperature at any time



“ I always suffered from belly fat and bloating. When I saw it I didn’t have high expectations as everyone is different and what works for someone might not work for another. But a couple of days after I started use MUNI Ultrasonic Smart Watch I noticed that my belly size went down and not only that but I felt that I’m not bloated anymore and overall felt better. I guess it helped with my digestion too.I use Slimani MUNI Ultrasonic Smart Watch at least 30 minutes. It works great. It feels as if it is detoxifying my body. I feel better now."

Jessica Pendleton

"I bought this because I have type 1 diabetes. My ankles are usually swollen. Using this ultrasound smartwatch helps my legs feel better and keeps the swelling down. I also feel that it repairs my plantar fascia and brings in the circulation needed to heal my feet. I only have to wear it on my hand, no complicated procedures to operate, and it doesn't make my legs swell even when I'm traveling!"




Soundwaves Frequency:  3~60Hz 
Rated Power: USB Charging
Charging time: about 2 hours
Fully charged for use: a week

Package Include

1 x  MUNI Ultrasonic Smart Watch







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